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Digital Marketing Specialist

NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations is looking for a highly skilled professional to join our Communications team. The ideal candidate has experience with digital marketing techniques targeting specific audiences through digital platforms and the ability to read and understand digital analytics to improve performance of marketing. Must be creative, able to work independently and alongside our team to brainstorm inventive ways to promote NET and able to write stories for print and digital publications, news releases and copy for ads in print, online, on radio and TV. Require someone with a good eye for visual design, in digital and print, to understand what works best as they work to coordinate with the Graphics team on assignments for ads, brochures and handouts.

Must be willing to help at station events, take photos and interact with our audience, stakeholders and the media. Prefer someone who can take occasional lead roles on project management for our team as we work on special projects or productions. Will consider candidates with experience in public relations, marketing, advertising or related communications knowledge and experience.

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