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Swanson Russell is looking for a new Developer to join our 30+ digital team. This web developer will be working in close collaboration with designers, developers and others to create a wide range of web- based projects ranging from rich user interfaces, experimental landing pages, interactive marketing tools, on-location digital installations and, of course, massive website projects that require all of these skills and more. You would be collaborating closely alongside other developers and designers every to create the best possible user experience without sacrificing code quality, as well as maintaining and improving existing projects. As part of this team, you’d also be helping with internal tools that we build and maintain for the wider agency or experimenting and researching for new projects and technologies.

Developers at Swanson Russell are expected to work on the “full stack”, including both front-end (CSS/SASS, HTML, Javascript) and back-end (primarily in the open-source PHP world) disciplines, but specialists with a desire to learn new skills are also encouraged to apply.

Required experience and/or abilities:

Minimum of two years of full-time web development experience (front-end or back-end).

Willingness and ability to collaborate closely with other developers and designers.

Desire to produce great code and ability to thrive under pressure maximize opportunities

Fluent and capable in common front-end coding languages such as CSS, Javascript and HTML5.

Familiarity with industry-standard compiling and preprocessing tools (e.g. SASS, Grunt, Gulp,

Webpack, NPM, etc.) which are necessary for complex front-end development.

Intermediate to strong ability with at least one back-end programming language, with PHP as

the preferred language for most projects.

Experience working within a typical LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Bonus if this experience also includes exposure to hosting and/or server maintenance.

Strong communication, organization and personal management skills.

Needs to be capable of independent self-teaching: exploring, researching and prototyping new technologies, techniques and approaches that could be used for client projects.

Preferred experience and/or abilities:

Knowledge of modern layout techniques, including working on responsive web layouts with cutting-edge features such as Flexbox or CSS Grid.

Experience and ability with SASS or similar preprocesser for CSS.

Experience and ability with Javascript frameworks such as Vue.js, React or Angular. Exposure to

ES6 coding patterns is also a bonus.

Ability to code basic to advanced animations with standard front-end web technologies (e.g.

Javascript, SVG, Canvas) and industry standard libraries (e.g. GreenSock).

Prior experience with a CMS platform (e.g. Drupal, WordPress) is strongly encouraged; equivalent experience with templating outside of a CMS (e.g. Twig, Mustache) is also acceptable.

Familiarity with database structures and concepts, as well as general web server architecture and software, is a bonus.

If you're right for the job, please complete our online application at