Media Planner/Buyer at Firespring

Ready for some new friends? You’ll be working closely with our Marketing & Print Team and will be responsible for all aspects of media services. Not only conceptualizing through research, strategies and planning, but also the negotiating, buying/placement, trafficking, post buy analysis and client invoicing/reconciliation. You will be responsible for establishing and maintaining positive client and vendor relationships. Smiles are key. If you agree, read on.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • You cultivate and maintain client relationships.
  • You consistently portray a professional image.
  • You possess strong mathematical abilities. And you aren’t afraid to show them.
  • You are reliable, accountable and flexible.
  • You communicate all relevant information between the client and the creative team.
  • You ensure the client’s complete satisfaction.
  • You have an attention to detail that rivals Sherlock.


  • Flexibility and leadership are huge. If you're a team player, let’s talk.
  • Ability to coordinate many ongoing projects simultaneously is key. If you have the skills, be ready to prove it.
  • Understanding of basic media research tools including Arbitron and Nielsen ratings goes without saying.
  • You have a broad knowledge of all media including but not limited to television, radio, newspaper, magazine, out-of-home, and digital.
  • More than proficient with Word and Excel. You would throw around the word “veteran” easily.
  • You have specific knowledge of STRATA buying software (or similar media buying program: Advantage, etc.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Three or more years of experience with all forms of media, including traditional and digital (digital guru a plus). Agency work is also something you have known and loved before.

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