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Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

Social media is a marketing marvel. It is also a time drain. It has so much potential to reach your customers, yet you typically spend hours scrolling through other people’s posts rather than creating your own. And when it comes time to post your own, it requires exhausting effort and creativity to create a memorable post. For those of you who resonate with this continuous social media struggle, here are 20 social media post ideas to use for your next posts.

How-to posts

Are there questions you’re commonly asked? Post the answers on social media. Your post may get bookmarked and shared because of how helpful it is.

Customer reviews

When a customer says something positive about your business, you should make sure everyone knows. Post it to all your social media channels. Be proud of a satisfied client.

Blog posts

Yes, writing blog posts is another layer of work. But blog posts are powerful social media posts for two reasons. One, they are consistent. You will not have to take time trying to think of what you’re going to post next when you know a blog post is ready. Two, they are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. If you are trying to encourage people to visit your site so they purchase something or to raise brand awareness, you need a way to get people there. Blog posts are one of the top ways of doing this.


If you sell or create products, showcase them so your audience sees what is happening at your business. This is also an effective advertising strategy for potential clients.

Business culture

No matter how big or small your business is, you have a culture. Display it. This could mean posting pictures of your latest business picnic, your company dog, or your freelancer coffee.


Ask your audience questions or do polls. Maybe you are debating between two different designs or are wondering what people think of some industry news. Post the question and see what people say.

Holiday posts

This doesn’t just mean saying Merry Christmas and Happy 4th of July. Use the obscure holidays too to interact with your followers. It could be National Pie Day and you can post a picture of the pie sold at your store.


You could share infographics you find online or that other people have posted. Or you could use a designer to create your own so they are specific to your business or industry. Do you need help finding a designer? Click here.

Job listings

If you have an open position, post it to social media. Job boards are useful, but more and more people are finding employment through social media.

Live videos

Most social media platforms have live video options, and they have become very popular. You can use these to give advice, show around your office, or stream an event.


If you are sponsoring, hosting, or somehow involved in an event, promote it. You can create an event page on Facebook and share it.

User-generated content

Hashtags can be invaluable because you can see who your fans are. When people post your products or say something about you, repost it on your feed. It can be just like a good customer review.

Throw-back posts

No matter how young your business is, looking back to the early days can be a fun way to show followers how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown and changed, and maybe even how much you’ve stayed the same.


Give a shoutout to partner businesses—or even competitors. Highlight other businesses around you. This can add positivity to you feed. And who knows? Competitor businesses could even become partner businesses.

Re-share posts

Re-share top-performing posts. If it’s been a while since you shared some of your top posts, re-share them. There will be a whole new set of eyes seeing the posts. And those who have seen them already may have forgotten.


You could create a weekly or monthly series that highlights something about your business or industry. For example, you could do a Wednesday Wisdom post with advice or knowledge, or a Monday Money post with financial tips.

Goals or milestones

Let your followers celebrate with you when you accomplish something or make an important decision. Post it to your social media and enjoy the support.

Behind the scenes

Show the process of how something is created—maybe as a video. The final product may be cool, but seeing how much work went into it may be even cooler.


Give your fans a reward for following you. Maybe share a code they can use to get a discount on a product, or let them know when you will be giving a special at your store.

The people

Show the people behind your brand. Help followers get to know your brand by introducing the people who keep it going. Even if it is just one or two people, it helps to show faces to keep the brand human.

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