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SILVER MEDAL WINNER: Ami Graham, General Manager at NRG Media – Broadcast House


“Beginning with her education, Ami has focused on the Broadcasting Industry. Her passion for radio and advertising has helped her rise quickly through the ranks from a part-time weekend on-air shift to Advertising Sales Manager for more than 12 years, and now, being General Manager of NRG Media Lincoln for more than 6 years. With all of these experiences, she has the ability to see things from many perspectives. And you can still find her on air or helping a client by voicing a commercial.

As General Manager, Ami has achieved the distinction as Market Manager for our NRG Media assets in Lincoln. As a top performing group of radio stations, Ami has led her team to excel and also provide valuable insight to the entire NRG Media group that has benefited the entire group. Ami is a true leader for NRG Media, someone who has ascended to the General Manager position after stellar contributions in programming and sales.”



“Ami has contributed greatly to the business community and NRG Media as a whole by helping clients develop more beneficial, creative marketing campaigns. She helps guide them away from generic, cliché riddled scripts towards meaningful, creative messages and branding that grabs and keeps consumer interest. Ami has worked towards that goal by encouraging a more in-depth relationship between the creative department and clients as well as through sales marketing training that you won’t find in most media companies.

Ami is creative in many areas: from on air promotions to creative fixes around the building.
If there’s a problem to be solved, she’ll find a way! The world of radio creates a myriad of challenges and when unique situations present themselves, Ami brings forward creative solutions to deliver results for her stations and for their clients.”



“Believing in advancing advertising education, Ami has lectured at local universities on numerous occasions within advertising and communications classes. Professionally, she now serves on the board as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

Ami strives to be the best and encourages every member of her team to do the same. And so, when she is involved with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association as a board member, she works hard to promote the industry as a whole.”



“Ami recently was the Vice President for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, a community-based mentoring program. She is now on the board for the Nebraska Broadcaster’s Association.

Ami is also a member of the American Business Women’s Association. This association’s mission, is to “bring together business women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.” ( As a well-spoken woman in a successful leadership position, she embodies this path.

She and her family are members of St. Peter’s Church in Lincoln.”