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Lincoln advertising agency gets personal

Agency 877 wants to shake your hand.

Founded in April 2018 by Lincoln advertising veteran Adam Lohman, Agency 877’s guiding principle is building personal relationships with its clients. The 877 team strives to spend as much in-person time with their clientele as possible.

“It eliminates the lack of a personal connection with the work that creators do,” Lohman said. “We get to know our clients better. Our projects better.”

To further distinguish itself from the myriad marketing firms in Lincoln, 877 offers a number of specialized services like hand lettering, illustration and dynamic mail, all in addition to the usual suspects like copywriting and web development.

“Everyone on the team has a fundamental understanding of design as well as a unique skill set that makes them stand out,” Lohman said.

Lohman’s fine-edged design skills were sharpened by his 17 years experience in the design, marketing and print industries. His vision for 877 involves aggressive growth that won’t overshadow the company’s relationship-oriented roots.

“I want to maintain an atmosphere of open collaboration where everyone enjoys their jobs and we produce excellent results for our clients and customers,” Lohman said.

877 is owned by TOBA, Inc., a holding company headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Get in touch with Agency 877 by calling (877) 899-8777 or emailing