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Membership Benefits

Membership in AAF Lincoln means different things to different people. After all, we all face differing challenges in our professional life. But from agency heads to college students, we have something of value for everyone interested in growing their career, and their business.

A few of the biggest benefits include:

Committee Membership

Build new friendships, experiences and skills. Only AAF Lincoln members are eligible to join one of our committees, and work alongside other local professionals to advance our cause. It’s the best way to get the most from your membership and build new relationships, experiences and skills.

Professional Development

Never stop learning. By hosting monthly Professional Development Meetings, AAF Lincoln brings leading industry voices from around the nation right here to Lincoln. As an AAF Lincoln member, you will receive notification of these events and you can attend at a deeply reduced cost. And for students, our annual Ad Camp offers access to Lincoln’s leading professionals and topics.


Connect across industries. Whether you’re a marketing director, agency creative or media salesperson, you can always benefit from knowing more local professional colleagues. With diverse programming and several special events like the American Advertising Awards, Winterfest Ales and Auction, and Ad Camp, AAF Lincoln gives you several opportunities to rub elbows and exchange business cards.

Nebraska American Advertising Awards

Stand with the best. Whether you want to witness the state’s best creative work or prove your own excellence, the Nebraska American Advertising Awards offers an annual opportunity to spend a night with industry peers in celebration of great work. As an AAF Lincoln member, your entries and event tickets are deeply discounted.

Government Relations

Claim your seat at the table. State and national politics impact our industry and our livelihood. But AAF Lincoln members have a seat at the table, with local events to discuss policies and taxes with local representatives, as well as national lobbyists serving our interest on Capitol Hill.

Public Service

Give back to Lincoln. Every year, AAF Lincoln selects a local public service partner to assist through fundraising and in-kind services. It’s our way of giving back to the community we love. Whether you join our Public Service Committee to lend your talents or you’re just sampling beers at our biggest fundraiser called Winterfest, you can help our industry make a difference.