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Silver Medal Winner

Every year, AAF Lincoln recognizes one individual that has made a lasting impact on the Lincoln advertising career over time. To celebrate such a distinguished career of achievement, these individuals are honored with the Silver Medal Award.

The 2015 Silver Medal Award winner
Fred Knight

Christy Puev - AAF Silver Medal Winner 2014

AAF Lincoln recognizes one individual that has made major contributions to the advertising community with the Silver Medal Award. To qualify for this top honor, a nominee must have achieved success in an advertising related career by demonstrating a high degree of creative, original thinking in whatever phase of advertising he/she works. The nominee must also have increased the standards of the advertising profession while being an active member of both their community and AAF Lincoln.

The Silver Medal celebrates those who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering our industry’s standards. Thank you, Fred, for your continued dedication to the club!