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Criteria for Silver Medal

  • CONTRIBUTION TO HIS/HER COMPANY. The nominee must have achieved success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media or advertising service company

  • CREATIVE ABILITY. The nominee should have shown a high degree of creative, original thinking in whatever phase of advertising he/she works.

  • CONTRIBUTION TO THE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY. The nominee should have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.

  • CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMUNITY. The nominee should be active in civic, religious or other community groups dedicated to some phase of human or social welfare.

  • MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN ADVERTISING FEDERATION LINCOLN. The nominee must be a paid member of AAF Lincoln and have served on the board &/or participated actively in committees and events.

Nominations are due January 4, 2019. Please include a one or two page outline of the candidate's qualifications in the five areas listed above by the deadline.