Project Management Intern

Looking for a new gig? You’re in luck.

Firespring, one of Nebraska’s fastest-growing companies, is looking for a tech-savvy, fast-movin’ engineer to join our Lincoln team. In corporate speak, we provide an unmatched range of integrated print, creative, website and IT solutions in addition to subscription-based software and turnkey marketing tools. But nobody gets excited about corporate speak, so here’s the real scoop.

  • Located in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, we bask in the Silicon Prairie.
  • Firespring only hires passionate, ambitious people—the type that will “bring it” every day.
  • We work hard, we play harder.
  • Once a year, we shave our heads together. (An optional activity, of course.)
  • Inc. Magazine named Firespring one of the “50 Best Workplaces” in America. We like them too.  
  • We love to give back to the community. In fact, every full-time Firespringer receives a paid day off every month to volunteer for a nonprofit organization of their choice.
  • We serve nearly 8,000 brands, businesses and nonprofits in all 50 states and 11 countries across six continents. I guess you can say we get around.

That’s the skinny on who we are. Now we want to tell you about who we’re looking for.

Job Description

You’ve got to be fast on your feet, always two steps ahead of our clients, without breaking a sweat and with a smile on your face. They can hear those smiles right through the phone. This is not your ordinary internship. You’ll be working with our most valuable people outside our walls (so you better not screw up). Get ready to have some coffee dates over the phone, generating ideas and brainstorming tactics to better our clients’ marketing efforts. In the end, you’ll be seasoned to tackle any project that consists of online marketing tactics and delighting clients.

If you agree, read on.


  • Organizer extraordinaire—in fact, it slightly bothers you that this list of bullet points isn't in alphabetical order.
  • You are energetic and polite on the phone. As mentioned, our clients can hear that smile.
  • Persistent and task oriented.
  • You can explain a concept to your IT guy, or your grandma. Whoever’s listening.
  • You can juggle more than the average juggler, figuratively. (If you can actually juggle we will also want to see that...)
  • Quality is job one, and two and three.
  • You know enough about HTML cheats to be dangerous.
  • Your ego boost comes from solving the client’s problem and getting them back to work ASAP.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Help clients understand the benefits of modern, responsive web design.
  • Show some tough love and crack the whip to motivate clients and keep them on track.
  • Communicate across departments to ensure proper set up, design, and customizations are completed to client specifications.
  • Teach clients best practices of our software platform.
  • Find creative ways to coordinate and get projects done.
  • Record all client-related correspondence so we know what we've done to help.
  • Be able to move that occasional elephant in our three-ring circus.
  • Keep an eye on the industries we serve to better meet client needs.
  • Communicate with clients on the phone and through e-mail.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary—Hourly, we like to take care of our interns and your parents will like that you don’t need to hit them up…as much.
  • Hours—20 hours/week, flexible.
  • PTO—Not yet, rookie.
  • 401(k)—See “PTO.”
  • Fun—Millions of people go to work, punch the clock from 8 to 5 and hate every moment of it—that’s not the case here. We have an indoor slide, a game room that includes shuffleboard, a pool table, a foosball table, a Ping Pong table and more. To put it mildly, we’re serious about having fun.
  • Miscellaneous Benefits—Not all benefits are about the Benjamins, baby. Some of the things you’ll enjoy while working here include unlimited soda, tea, lemonade and beer (of course only if of age). And don’t worry about your duds—casual is the dress code here. Still looking to make your cubicle-shackled intern friends jealous of your new gig? Our company-wide social and recreational activities are sure to do just that.

Ready to come aboard? Apply Here!

Please include a cover letter. Resumes without one won't be considered. Seriously.

While we genuinely appreciate your interest in employment with Firespring, we can only respond to the most qualified candidates.


Firespring is an EEO/AA employer.